About Easyshop360World

We love to help people. "People helping People" is our motto at Easyshop360/Easyshop360World.  We are continually working to build a HUGE online advertising/shopping platform where buyers and sellers meet.

One night while working online, I got an inquiry about one of our advertising plans. I happened to be online at the same time as the potential customer. We were chatting about her company and our services and after consulting with her, we came up with an advertising package plan. At that moment she said, "I'm ready to pay you. Here is my paypal address." I sent her an invoice, she paid instantly, the information was sent over and the transaction was completed.

Now imagine an online venue/shopping website where the above scenario happened with the majority of your sales. No more waiting on emails. No more wondering if your customer got your reply. No more sales lost because the customer found someone else that was "open" and available to talk to. Granted yes, ideally we all want our info to be posted and someone click the "buy" button but with all the different vendors and options out there, customers still go to someone they like and feel comfortable with. 

In the "offline" shopping world, when we go to a store, if they don't have what we want or they are closed, typically we go on to the next store. In the "online" world, if we see something we like and have questions, we send an email and then wait for emails to be answered. Sometimes we wait for messages to be answered and sometimes they are never answered because there are no notifications that there was even a message to answer. The customer lost interest. You lost a sale because you didn't even know they inquired. Now imagine being able to set your store hours where your customers know they can visit your online "webstore" and you too will be online ready to say "Hi. Is there something I can help you find?" It is just as if you're in your own "brick and mortar" store but instead you are online talking to potential customers around the world.

This is just a PART of what Easyshop360World is going to be. We have already started to lay the foundation during phase 1, Easyshop360. We set up e-commerce webstores for our clients and linked these webstores back to the company's main websites. Currently, we host auctions and networking parties, do shout outs and advertise our clients' products/services via social media. Now it's time to take it to the next level.

We want you to be a part of our venture. There are several ways that you can help and we are sure there are more we have not listed. Every one of us have the 3 T's - "Time, Talent, and Treasure" and each one of them are appreciated.

1. Time - You can help us to spread the word about Easyshop360World. Shout outs, emails to friends, family and coworkers. Sharing our fundraising sale with others. Passing out our flyers in your neighborhood, making phone calls on Easyshop360World's behalf to get sponsors and/or donations, putting our decal on your car, etc etc.

2. Talent - You can donate one of your store items or services to the fundraiser. Easyshop360 and Easyshop360World will be advertising your business at the same time and listing you as a sponsor. You can help out with making flyers, newsletters, logos, business cards, etc to directly donate to Easyshop360World.

3. Treasure - Cash donations of $100 or more for the first 1,000 Approved businesses/business owners will become "LIFE Members" of Easyshop360World. Other cash donations are also appreciated and NEVER go unnoticed.

For more information, please contact easyshop360@gmail.com.