LIFE Memberships

Easyshop360World is working full time to develop the new and improved online advertising and shopping website. "We Make Your Advertising Easy" is just one of our goals at Easyshop360World. We are building an online shopping venue where buyers and sellers will meet.  Sellers will receive their own e-commerce webstore where they can advertise their family friendly products and services. No listing fees, no backend fees, no commission fees, just a monthly or annual membership investment.

During the pre-launch time period, we are offering a LIMITED number of PREPAID "LIFE Memberships." A “LIFE member” will never be required to pay any monthly or annual fees (for their e-commerce store) EVER again. Your $100 secures your membership for LIFE.**

Securing your spot is EASY.. We want everything to be EASY at Easyshop360World.

1. Fill out this form to secure your spot: Register Here 

2. Send your contribution of $100 using paypal to  Please contact if you'd like to contribute using another method.

3. Get ready to enjoy all the opportunities that Easyshop360World has to offer.

You will also be listed on our Contributors' List.

If you'd like to secure your spot for just one year Visit Become a Member.

Don't miss out!! This is a limited time opportunity!! Once the offer ends, the LIFE Membership investment will NEVER be offered like this again!

If you'd like more information, please navigate around the blog and our fb fan pages, Easyshop360 and 360 Shout Outs. We have a directory listing of current members, testimonies, and events you might find interesting such as Multi-vendor Sales, Giveaways and more.

You can also contact us at or

** All Eligible Family Friendly businesses MUST remain in good standing to continue the LIFE membership. Terms and conditions will apply.

Please NOTE that this is a PREPAID membership to the NEW UPCOMING WEBSITE and is SEPARATE from any other advertising plan we currently provide.