1. What is Easyshop360World?

Answer:  Easyshop360World is phase II of Easyshop360. We are building an upcoming online advertising and shopping website where sellers can advertise their products to buyers around the world. All business members will be able to set up their e-commerce webstore.

2. How are you different than other advertising or shopping websites?

Answer:  Easyshop360 does NOT close your sale. When a potential customer clicks on one of your products, they go directly to you. Whether it be your website, fan page or email, you will be able to follow up and finish the sale process. There are no listing fees, backed fees, commission fees. Easyshop360World wants to make things as easy and simple as possible. There is only a membership fee.

3. What is the Contributors' List?

Answer: "Contributors" are any entity (business or personal) that makes a Financial Contribution to Easyshop360World during the "Pre-Launch" period for Phase II. These "contributors" will be listed on our blog, (here), our FB fan page (Contributors' Album) , and on an Acknowledgment page on the New Easyshop360World website. This list is separate from any other Advertising plan we had or currently have.

4.  Why is the first year $50?

Answer: This is the PREPAID membership. One of our goals is to make online advertising affordable. Those business owners that believe in Easyshop360 are invited to join us at such an affordable amount. Once the website is launched, those who would like to join will have a monthly or annual membership option.

5. Why is the "Life Membership" $500?

Answer: This is also a PREPAID membership. We want to give those businesses who would like to be a part of Easyshop360World the opportunity to come on board for "LIFE" with a one time contribution of $500. (conditions apply)

6. I was an "Advertising Plan Subscriber" during the first phase of Easyshop360. What happens to my membership?

Answer:  All previous subscribers in "good standing" will be given a "credit" in the actual amount paid that they can use towards membership costs to the new website. For example: If you joined at $59.95, then you will be credited $59.95 towards membership costs.

7. What other services do you provide?

Answer: We help you build your social media presence. Each need is different and we will customize a package just for you. Please inquire at easyshop360world@gmail.com.

8. What do we do while we are waiting?

Answer: We have 2 advertising pages and 3 networking groups where you can meet other members. You can help us get more memberships by spreading the word via social media, e-mail and word of mouth. We'll also be hosting events and giveaways that you can participate in.

9. Do you have any positions available?

Answer: Yes! If you are interested in working with easyshop360world, please send an email to easyshop360world@gmail.com along with your resume and area of interest.

If you have questions not listed, please send an email to easyshop360@gmail.com to get your questions answered.  We will post additional FAQ's as needed.